I’m Christina… I’m a qualified primary school teacher and mother to three young boys as well as the owner of Mabel, My Little Caravan.  What started as a girl cave in our back yard, has become a studio to enjoy afternoons of craft with like-minded children!

I have always loved making pretty things with craft, being creative… and planning parties.  That’s when I’m not spending time with my school students and family. I hold a current registration as a primary school teacher with the Victorian Institute of Teaching, as well as a Working with Children’s Check.  I also have an up to date level two first aid certificate.

Mabel, the vintage caravan, is currently “parked” on the corners of Beauford Street and Shafton Streets, Melbourne. Enquire about how we can help you host an event here.

History of My Little Caravan

Mabel, is a 1960’s Viscount Ambassador. Are you wondering how Mabel got her name? It’s after my fondly remembered Nana, who was born in Liverpool.

I’ve been fascinated by vintage caravans for years, and especially how people renovate and redecorate them for various purposes, including for business use. Midway through 2012, I was browsing online and came across an ad for a gorgeous vintage caravan…only problem was- it was in England, and I lived in Melbourne, Australia.  It was only 2000 pounds and was completely decorated with a Cath Kidston touch!  Even included a tin of biscuits with the sale! Sigh.  So serious was I about the cuteness factor of this van, that I looked into shipping it over!  Another 3800 pounds. Bigger sigh. That’s when I showed my sister who instantly replied. “Oh you could SO do that yourself.” So began the search for Mabel…in Australia. Our Mabel is a compact little girl. She has two single beds and a table that can set up in between, a kitchenette with fridge, and a wardrobe. Mabel still retains all of her original charm. Her wood-look cupboard doors and original laminate table and reversible blue seat cushions/mattresses are all still in great condition. Her lino tiles have been polished up, and we gave her exterior a brand new paint job to make her beautiful again.

 Mabel quickly became my respite and haven from my role as a mum to three busy boys.  A friend suggested I could offer it as a creative space to others, and My Little Caravan, the birthday party and craft business was born….in our backyard.   As the business grew, it became obvious that it could be more than just a hobby, so I began a search for an affordable brick and mortar commercial rental space. However, how could a unique weekend party business justify a shop front?  So the idea came to use the shop space as a craft, gift and home wares collective store during the week. And that was how Our Little Caravan: The Collective Store came into existence. Little did I know that the collective in itself would become a community.  A grouping of makers and crafters that had a safe space to sell and exhibit their wares in a beautiful shop space and create a point of interaction with their customers. Tucked in the side streets of Notting Hill.

In September 2016, Inchmeal Café began and opened in the front of the shop, providing yet another point of interest and an opportunity for engagement with the local community.  Inchmeal Café expanded its business to take over the whole premises in July 2017, when our e-school for teen makers and entrepreneurs was launched. Our Little Caravan is now an online community.  You can find us on facebook.com/ourlittlecaravan/ or instagram @ourlittlecaravan


Mabel is currently parked on the corner of Beauford and Shafton Streets Huntingdale 3166

0431 723 117


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